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DBSK - HoMin's message to fans

Hello. This is TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin.

To all the fans who are feeling sad, do not lose heart, for a long time we have struggled against this pain.
We have decided to send greetings through this document first.

For many long years we have been together and discussed concerns with this agency, we decided to protect TVXQ based on where we are and where we have come from.

Thanks to lavish love and encouragement from the fans at home and abroad, TVXQ was able to get here today.
You are the only ones who could give us love and fame, we think we have a responsibility to give return for that.

Your love will watch over TVXQ
As long as anyone is waiting for TVXQ's music, TVXQ will make it

This is what should TVXQ do.
We do not exclude any possibility that may arise in the future
We will continue to protect all of us as TVXQ.

TVXQ promises to always walk with you.
In the New Year 2011 TVXQ will bring new music to you, please look forward to it.

Thank you.

(24-12-10 on their official Japanese website)

Hello Yunho and Changmin ..

We always believe in you and you will protect each other. We will protect your place also. We believe that you will be come back together on one stage, one TVXQ belong to cassiopeia. For us, until they come back together someday TVXQ should be preserved in our memories as the 5 stars of cassiopeia. Like in your song ".... my Hero, my Max, my U-Know, my Xiah and Micky .. We're the one, eternally~" – Yoochun in Kiss The Baby Sky ;)

나는 너를 보고싶다 - I miss you

Mereka juga membuat "Christmas messages" :)

Card from Yunho :)

Card from Changmin :)

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TVXQ HoMin was released album “Keep Your Head Down”

Tanggal 5 Januari 2011 lalu, TVXQ Homin telah mengeluarkan album baru dengan title "왜 (Keep Your Head Down).

Tracklist (Click to download):
01. 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)
02. 믿기 싫은 이야기 (How can I)
05. Honey Funny Bunny
07. 고백 (Confession)
08. Our Game
09. SHE
10. 아테나 (ATHENA)

I actually loved 'ALL' of the songs, but I miss something. I really miss 5 TVXQ ... miss other 3 members. It was good of course, but if they sing together, it became a very harmonious sound. They'll always sound the best as 5. Come back quickly, we'll continue waiting for the day when the 5 of you will return :)

Semua lagu sangat menarik, jadi masing" dari para pendengar pasti sudah punya lagu favorite nya masing"^^.

믿기 싫은 이야기 (How can I), lagu yang di buat slow ini, menceritakan tentang seseorang yang sangat mencintai pasangannya dan ingin sekali kembali ke masa saat mereka baru bertemu, karena tidak tau bagaimana caranya ia melupakan pasangan nya, dan haruskah ia mencoba untuk melupakan pasangan yang sangat ia cintai. This's my favorite song, cause 어떻게 너를 잊을까, 정 윤호 ? :)

MAXIMUM, lagu nge-beat ini memiliki arti yang sedikit dalam, really powerful lyrics =_=". Lagu ini bercerita tentang bangkitnya seseorang, dan ingin menunjukkan kepada orang lain bahwa dirinya telah dan mampu bangkit, meski telah di tinggalkan.

Honey Funny Bunny, seseorang yang sedang jatuh cinta dan berharap orang itu mau menjadi pacarnya, seorang yang lucu, manis, dan bersinar sangat terang. Yang membuat tangan gemetar, hati meleleh seperti cokelat, dan membuat tidak bisa tidur. Music yang unik dan lucu jika didengar kan ^^

RUMOR, tentang meyakinkan seseorang yang telah percaya akan RUMOR buruk yang beredar. 3 langkah yang diberikan, 1st step : letakkan tangan mu di dadaku, 2nd step : tataplah mataku, last step : tutup telinga sejenak dan rasakan kebenaran. Berharap orang itu mau percaya dan tetap bersama nya.

고백 (Confession), lagu solo Changmin ini sangat sedih. Di ceritakan seseorang yang sedang mengenang cinta nya masa lalu. Membuat nya tidak bisa berpikir, bahwa akan ada saat ketika dia tidak bersama orang yang dicintainya :(

SHE, tentang seorang wanita yang sangat di cintai, betapa kuat nya dia, tidak pernah menangis, bahkan jika tertawa pun tidak bisa diketahui apakah ia jujur apa tidak. She is "my lady", seseorang yg tidak ingin aku lepaskan, membuatku terlihat seperti idiot, dan membuatku ingin menjadi terakhir untuk "SHE~" ^^ *I'm so happy to hear this song. Considering I am a girl if Yunho sung to me :") hehehe*

아테나 (ATHENA), lagu yang bercerita tentang kenangan masa lalu yang hilang, seperti teka teki yang tidak bisa disatukan, tentang orang orang yang menjadi buta setelah kehilangan mimpi mereka, dan hanya Tuhan yang mampu menolong mereka. Lagu ini dijadikan OST Korean Drama: Goddess of War/아테나: 전쟁의 여신 / Athena (sequel to IRIS)"

MV 아테나 (Goddess of War) OST - TVXQ Homin

왜 (Keep Your Head Down), lagu yang judulnya menjadi title di album TVXQ kali ini menggambarkan cinta yang telah berakhir, membiarkan orang itu pergi meskipun hati menjadi kosong. 왜? Why ? Kenapa ? kau pergi melepas cinta dan meninggal kan ku begitu mudah. Ada yang mengatakan bahwa ini balasan lagu JYJ, who knows .. yang tahu hanya mereka yang menciptakan lagu ini. Hanya saja saya suka satu lirik di lagu ini "제발 네가 행복하길 바랬다 (I prayed for your happiness) * kalau yang ini boleh lah benar benar menjadi balasan lagu ^^. Lagu ini juga memiliki lirik yg powerfull, dan untuk lagu ini mereka sudah mengeluarkan MV.

MV 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)- TVXQ Homin
download from Mediafire

Source: Mediafire + youtube
ihoneyjoo.com + sment

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Setelah topik ini akan segera di post lyrics nya :)

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Still believe TVXQ will come back together :)

Today i watched TVXQ DVD "All About Dong Bang Shin Ki season 3", because i really miss them.

Aku memulai menonton Disc 6 -Show: SBS-TV Entertainment Program Collection. Part pertama saat DBSK di SBS Variety Show Line Up (라인업)

[A Counceling for TVXQ] Line Up Counceling ~

TVXQ popolarity is high as ever. They must have many problems. Of course ..
OK, one at the time, who wants to go firts ?

[The first counseling]
Yunho : "I'm the leader so I'll go first." *good leader :D*

Let's hear what Yunho's problem is ...

Yunho : "We stay abroad very often. And it's been about 6 years since we debuted. Lost of newcomers are on the scene, (Rookie's popularity) Sometimes we feel kind of threatened. We want to survive in this field just like the two of you *kedua tim penasehat ^^*. Want to know the secret of being famous for a long time. Actually you both don't have extinctive characteristics. No character *both of them shock XDD* And .. that's to much. But still maintain popularity for along time.

Yong Man : " Sound sacrastic." *they're all laughing*

And the problem was :
"We want to be show business for a long time"

Yunho : "First, the older line, Kyu-line."
[The old one, Kyung Gyu. Sarcasm. XDD .. *Yunho bisa aja nyindirnya*]

Kyu-line ...

Kyung Gyu : "Taking a big blow."
[A 3 minutes counseling starts !]

Kyung Gyu : "I sympathize with that problem. When you run into a rookie saying you look good, tall or sing well. It is a no no .. no problem for them. What's up with you ? OMG here, go away !!!
(The entertainer rookies hate the most) Keep your charisma, that the secret method."

Kyong Gyu : “ The person listening has a dark expression on” *nyindir Yunho niihh ^^ Yunho pun tertawa*

Gura : “Okay! It’s over, it’s over.”

Yong-line ~

Chong hwan : “ There are a lot of tramps on that side. Beside ‘Advance Age Gyung-kyu’, a lot of them haven’t even become popular yet. They don’t even have foundation yet.”

[Recently became popular last year]

[Never become popular yet]

Chong hwan : “ We all have experience of around 13 years. Starting from the 80s to the 90s, there has been R.ef, Noise, RuRa, Country KkoKko, Shinago, these popular groups …

Kyeong Min : “Take out Shinago !”

Chong hwan : “ Taking it out! Anyways, those groups were really something back then like DBSK. Let me tell you something, there are no groups that will take over your glory yet. So you really don’t have to worry. What I think is you should befriend someone that’s popular.”

Kyeong Min : “ Find out about his past, and when he hep you go on any broadcasts, backmail him.”

[The popular friend!]

Kyeong Min : “ That’s how I got in!”

Yong Man : “ I just want to say is .. just continue on as you are right now. Right, good. TVXQ should always be together."

Yunho and the other member TVXQ : "O ....."

[With a loud applouse Yongman's counseling ends]

Time for the verdict !

Reporter : “Now everyone put on your clips. Yunho! That group didn’t really tell you anything.

They put clips on their face (lips, nose, ear, or their chin). And Yunho holding the rope, the pain is the reward for the losers.

Yunho prepare to pull up. 1 … 2 …. and Yunho pretend to pull up …

Yunho : "OK 1 ... 2 ... (Yunho pretend to pull up XDD) .... This is fun!"

Yong Man : "It's so scary .."

Kyong Kyu : “You’re hodling the strings for too long”

Kyong Kyu pretented to be angry and Gura tried to calm him.

[Surprised at the outburst]

Kyong Kyu : "This is what you do!"

[Gura who doesn’t like the laundry clips talks a lot]

[I want to come out on TV for a long time]

[Kyu-line : " Show your charisma" ... Yong Man : "TVXQ should always be together"]

[Yunho choise is ..... Yunho chooses Yong Man]

Yong Man : "Their advice didn’t make sense. Go on show at six about your home. What is that ?"

[Silence of the losers]

[The reason for choosing Yong Man]

Yunho : "Everyone gave good advice, except the last thing Yong Man hyung said was TVXQ should always be together. That got to me." :)

Melihat Yunho berkata seperti itu, terpikir hingga saat ini itu lah yang mereka pikirkan, dan mereka pasti mengusahakan yang terbaik untuk kembali bersama ^^

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