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What time is it ? It is U-know time ~

안녕하세요 .....

오늘은 우리 리더, 정윤호 생신이예요~ 생일축하해요 내 사랑 ^^ 항상 건강하시고 오래도록 제 곁에 있어 주세요 .. 윤호 야~ 생일축하해 ^_*

Jung Yunho, born on 6th February 1986 ago in Gwangju, South Korea. He's great leader of TVXQ. Yunho's 25th birthday today, or 26th in korean. He's a bit older now, more to mature, cool and handsome of course :)

Several years ago, he never stoped saying that he would become a singer. He tried with best efforts to achieve them. Until one day he come to his friend and said "Hey... I got accepted in the audition ! hehehe...". And now he has been transformed into someone that was bewitching ladies. We know you're a great leader, being an inspiration to many people.

Even now you have many problems, but i believed you can passed it. You've grown, and you know what's best for yourself :)

I really love him, and the reasons why I love him is because he's ..

1. Manly
Some people said that boy band personnel is not manly enough. But that is not true, they're handsome, sexy, very manly, and smart of course. And Yunho is so manly. I really love him :)

2. Charismatic
His charisma is undeniable. He have the charisma to be a leader, the other members appreciate that in him. Yunho's charisma passed down from his father and his grandfather.

3. Hard Worker
Yunho said that he in competitive not that he wants to win, but he said that he always tries his best in everything. He do because he wants to lose without feeling that he could have done better. "No matter what I do, I will do my best."


4. Charming
In everything pose, Yunho always looks charming ^^

5. Manners
Yunho, so tall and charasmatic, has good manners he has a sense of humor and is very thoughtful towards us.
And Yunho said, "My ideal woman is someone who has good manners and respects the elderly. I feel more relaxed when I see those sides from women." :")

6. Likes Children
When Yunho told them he wanted 25 kids, Jaejoong said "Do you want to kill somebody?" Junsu said "Think of your wife not only yourself." XDD
I know Yunho really loved children. And I love it because he’s so sweet and gentle with kids :)

7. Love
Yunho care about each other deeply. I believed it :)

생일축하합니다 정윤호 씨, Happy birthday to you, Selamat ulang tahun ...
Has always been a leader for us. Hope you'll always be success in this year and future, take care of your health, remember to eat, remember to take a rest, keep smiling, stay strong because we'll always be there for you ...

No matter what happens, I still believe in you
. And you never give me a reason to stop believing in you.
I have plan to give you something special, but not now. It's must waiting until end of this month. I'll show you ^^ I hope, I can got it and I must got it to you ^_* I must try harder .. ciayooo~

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  1. Oh ini toh hasil dari u bergadang ;))

    Happy birthday y Yunho Oppa, Jangan nunda2 menjemput maiko y, kasian dia tuh stress ngurusin ke 25 anakmu yg masih batita XD.

  2. Hehehe .. It hasn't finish yet :(
    He will come soon ^_*
    After i wrote this, I missing them so much :(